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Cometal Carpentry

The Cometal Carpentry, whose core is located in the industrial area of Zocco di Erbusco - Brescia, was born in 1979.

Investing since the foundation of the company, a lot of resources for its growth, both at study and design, as well for the phases of processing and production, preserving the goal always fixed on the level of quality of its products, Cometal Carpentry has been able to establish over time a strong relationship with customers and businesses.

Over the years the company has grown hand in hand with the production, coming to occupy an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 4000 square meters, could be said today with pride, to fill an important position in the field of structural engineering.

We provide services of Laser Cutting and build construction engineering for third parts, using innovative high-tech equipment combined with human resources and a technical department with staff constantly trained and updated, equipped with cutting-edge computer systems, able to meet the diverse needs of design.